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Hello and welcome to Bohemian Coppersmith! 


Opal's creative energy and inspiration manifested itself at an early age. Growing up in Paris, she was a curious, engaged child who would delight in stumbling upon a treasure found in the street, only to take it home to create an amazing piece of sculpture or jewelry.  

Opal lived and worked in London after having attending art school there.  She studied printmaking, sculpture, textile manipulation, painting, and digital arts.  Having recently moved to Chicago to pursue her creative interests, she now resides in Logan Square.  She found her perfect Chicago neighborhood.

The jewelry you see today is made primarily with natural materials.  Her earrings, rings and pendants are made of enameled copper, brass, stone, metal and wood.  Most materials are upcycled and scavenged objects transformed into unique jewelry pieces.  Each piece is one of a kind.

Email inquiries for your custom made jewelry to Opal at

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